As countries will end lockdowns, we all need to develop new norms to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to research 40-60% of building occupants can be contaminated in a few hours.

We believe that we need to safe-proof not only retirement homes, medical facilities, schools & universities, government and commercial buildings, multi-family housing, restaurants, malls, hotels and vacation rentals but also public transportation. 

Blitz handles can be installed in a matter of minutes by anyone, on any door, anywhere in the world with no maintenance for 6 months.

Patented Design

Precision & durability of stainless steel

Innovative Technology

Laser light kills virus in one second

Easy to Install

Works with most doors

No Maintenance

Battery replacement every 6 months


Complete virus elimination on handle surface


Laser starts after each handle use

Safe and reliable

Detects operator presence before cleaning


Efficiency can also be aesthetic

As we are working hard on the testing of Blitz L-shape, we are also designing Blitz U-shape and Blitz Doorknob.

Stay tune for that!!